Tip # 2 from PDG John Henson. "Okay, last month I shared with you about registering, securing a hotel, purchasing your Home Organizing Committee event tickets, information about the house of friendship and plenary sessions."

 "So you have arrived at the airport in Honolulu and low and behold you see a table where you can pick up your name badges for the convention. They have been doing this the past couple of conventions and it works great if you happen to be there when they are open. But just because you have picked up your name badges for you and your group, there is more to do. After checking into your hotel you will still need to go to the convention center, locate the registration room –the sergeant at arms will be more than happy to show you the direction—once at the registration room, you will be able to pick up your HOC tickets as well as a goodie bag for you and your group. This is the only place where you can pick all of this up, so get it done as quickly as possible. If your club has designated you as a voting delegate, you will need to locate that booth and show your credentials and get your badge showing you are a voting delegate."
"In your goodie bag you will normally find a book that has the complete program for the convention, information on transportation, a complete lay out of the convention center showing where each session will be held, where the House of Friendship is located as well as much more useful information, so take time to at least skim through it.  
Look for a few more useful hints next month—by the way, you have registered haven’t you!!!!!!!"