Our District membership numbers are up!! RI reports are pending, so I will give you numbers later.Why do members often leave Rotary? A BIG reason is lack of involvement…they don’t feel a sense of purpose. Does your club have an ENGAGEMENT plan?? Hand in hand with getting a new member is getting them involved quickly. Are they assigned to a Service Project? A Fund Raiser? How about being a greeter for a month to get to meet other members? Attend a board meeting?
Assistant Governors are encouraged to review the membership plans for each of their assigned clubs to see that a MEMBERSHIP CHAIR is assigned and working with their president on a Membership and Engagement Plan. Many clubs may have someone assigned, but Club Runner needs to be updated with that chair’s name.
Looking for ideas? Club Membership Chairs are encouraged to look at the Learning Center at Rotary.org. There are short courses on Membership and a wealth of ideas to get your club moving in a positive growth direction.
PDG, VG and District 5830 Membership Chair Lee Montgomery