February is the month of Valentines...the month of hearts, flowers, chocolates and LOVE!! Rotarians also show their LOVE of their community by providing many needed service projects. 
Lone Star PETS, at the end of February, is really about LOVING your community and your Rotary club. Sure, PETS prepares PE's to lead their clubs and deepen their understanding of Rotary, but it is much more.
 Attendance at PETS does not COST, it PAYS!. LSPETS is a few days INVESTMENT to prepare yourself, to network, to make new Rotary friends and exchange ideas will make YOUR 365 day Rotary year easier, more fun and more productive!
PE's and PN's will hear a wealth of success stories. You will learn how to improve your club and grow membership. If you have not signed up, register NOW for Lone Star PETS at www.lonestarpets.org
And, in case you may have attended a PETS session in the past...this is NOT the same. Nothing is the same after the last 2 years, LSPETS included. LSPETS has adapted, changed and been enhanced. More elective courses, new and different speakers, and many opportunities for better outcomes!!
In the meantime, click here to watch this 2 minute video titled ANYTOWN. See how considering flexibility and innovation could allow you to attract MANY new members who are waiting to serve their community.