Take just a minute and ask yourself why you joined Rotary?  Most of us come back with “I was asked”. But why did you respond? Or why did you pursue asking about Rotary until you were proposed for membership? What makes you and all Rotarians so different and driven to perform service?

The reason this is so important relates to membership and the sustainability of our organization. If we can not describe why we are here, we are also at a loss to tell others why they should join. And it goes further.  If we can not explain why we joined and what makes us who we are, we may also be much less likely to stay, and to support The Rotary Foundation, which is the chief engine driving the global work we perform.

What we do know is that as people of action we carry around a mindset of service though our vocation, through our communities and through our associations. It is why when asked to serve our answer is almost always a resounding yes.

There are five outstanding examples of this I want you to know about this month and these are just five of the hundreds of small ways we make a difference:

PDG Carroll Greenwaldt (Longview), for organizing food delivery for the food needy during COVID;

Pres. Denise Hurst (Mineola), for organizing water delivery and food services in her community following the Texas Deep Freeze;

Leon Word (Gladewater), for providing life-saving CPR to Judge Tim Bryan following the Judge’s heart attack before a Gladewater Rotary Club meeting;

Pres. Sarah Jenkins (Leaders in Service E-Club) and Public Image Dir. Sarah Fox (5830), for providing direction, help, and support in leading 5830’s Public Image and Website Committee through difficult times during the pandemic; and

PDG Ted Huffhines (Marshall), for organizing and leading a most successful virtual Foundation Celebration for which over 100 Rotarians and Guests signed up, having the opportunity to hear PRIP and Trustee Chair-Elect John Germ.

When you see these Rotarians thank them for their service and for leading 5830 as the Action District.