Happy New Year!!  We Grow or We Shrink!

This pointed message from the Convention Speech of Rotary International President Richard L. Evans (1966-67) returned me to reality. You can find reference to it in the August, 1966 The Rotarian, An International Magazine.

In preparing for this month, and the new year, and the rest of our 2020-21 Rotary Year, I was drawn back to PRIP Richard Evans remarks from the Niece Rotary Convention: "It sometimes seems that we live as if we wondered when life was going to begin. It isn’t always clear just what we are waiting for but some of us sometimes persist in waiting so long that life just slips by finding us still waiting for something that has been going on all the time. There is no reason to doubt good intentions, but when in the world are we going to begin to live as if we understood that this is it. This is life. This is our time, our day, our generation, our one chance to do something for someone else. …What in the world are we waiting for?"

"This is all we've got." PRIP Richard L Evans (1966-67) Speech to RI Convention in Nice, France.

The message is still accurate, on point, and sums up our current condition.
It is now past time that we got back to business.
Today is our time. Are we meeting? Are we working on service projects? Are we sharing friendship and fellowship?
Our District Leadership Team is here to help. We are open for business. Share your concerns, projects, and plans with us. Together we are Rotary. Together we make a difference. We are Rotarians. Let’s get vaccinated and get going! We are needed to change the planet.
Jack Welge
District Governor 2020-21
Rotary International District 5830
P. O. Box 3624
Longview, Texas 75606-3624