The topic of Membership at the virtual District Conference October 31st created some lively discussions among the participants. Next are some of the chat comments that give us all some great ideas. 
  1. Membership Types and Dues Structures 
  2. Attracting RYLA Parents as Members
  3. Flexible Meeting Types
Read more to see how clubs are currently attracting new and diverse membership.
Membership Types and Dues Structures to consider for your club: 
  • Tyler Rotary Club offers corporate memberships to Texas College and TJC.
  • Mt. Vernon Rotary Club offers spousal membership that only require payment of RI and District dues and about half the local fees.
  • Leaders in Service Rotary Club offers student membership for those in college at $75/year to cover RI dues.
  • Clubs should consider sliding scales for dues based on income. It may be better to temporary lower dues rather than lose those members permanently.
Attracting RYLA Parents as Members:
  • Many clubs hear from the RYLA students after camp each year. Carthage Rotary Club always invites the RYLA parents to come when the kids do!
Flexible Meeting Types:
  • Texarkana International Rotary Club uses at least one meeting a month to do a service project.
  • Leaders in Service Rotary Club does a networking meeting the first week of each month. We also do an open discussion meeting quarterly to share thoughts on relevant topics such as diversity and managing conflict. Meetings are recorded and saved to YouTube for members who can't attend live to watch later.
Since July 1st, District 5830 saw 20 clubs add 44 new members!! Kudos to the Rotary Clubs of South Tyler, Tyler, Texarkana Wilbur Smith, Cedar Creek Lake, Paris United and Leaders in Service for leading the pack with a total of 26. Over the past 4 years, our female membership has grown by 10% to 488 ladies, representing 32.73% of the total membership. Our "under 40" membership has grown a whopping 240% from 60 to 144 members with 22 of those coming from chartering the new Leaders in Service Rotary Club from RYLA Alumni. Keep attracting a more diverse membership!
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