Passing the Torch - PDG Lee Montgomery, June 2018-June 2023 D-5830 Membership Chair
AG Landon Forbes, 2023-2024 D-5830 Membership Chair 

Some of our members may have served in the Armed Forces of the United States. To them and all connected to any military service, I want to THANK YOU for YOUR SERVICE, as we recently membered Memorial Day. One of the traditions of many service organizations was the “Hail and Farewell” where new folks were heartily greeted and departing members were bid a fond farewell. As outgoing Membership Chair for the District, I want to say a hearty WELCOME to your new DISTRICT MEMBERSHIP CHAIR LANDON FORBES.
    Landon hails from the Rotary Club of Texarkana Sunrise where he joined in July 2019. Landon has already served twice as club president and has experience as Assistant Governor for Area 1 serving 5 clubs. He is a Paul Harris Fellow +2 and is very active with the Texarkana Flag program. WELCOME ABOARD!
    In other business:
    • When members stay, it’s a sign that your club’s doing well. But just keeping your overall member count steady doesn’t mean you don’t need to be concerned about retention. If clubs are consistently losing members and inducting new ones, that indicates that they may need to change how they manage their growth or retention. For a handy tool called Engaging and Keeping Members: A Retention Assessment and Analysis, go to ( and find the second item listed Engage current members.
    •  As club leaders prepare to complete their terms, remember that members added on or before 30 June will count as having started during the current Rotary year, 2022-23. Members added with an effective date of 1 July will count toward the new Rotary year, 2023-24. Write to if you have questions.