Rotarians, this note comes to you from 30,000 feet as Ava and I head to Melbourne for the Rotary International Convention.
Celebrating life as a Rotarian you truly owe it to yourself to attend one or more R I Conventions to completely immerse yourself in the Rotary Universe.
Besides developing new ideas for service, your presence can inspire others to further embrace the service they can provide with you as a mentor.
Taking an excerpt from Summits of Self by Alan Mallory (a former speaker at Lone Star PETS), “much of the meaning and enrichment of our lives comes from how we work through and learn from our challenges”.
Interactions with other Rotarians from across the globe give both of you in Mallory’s words, “an “Expedition Debrief” - a chance to review, analyze, and move forward.”
The interactions also underscore the tremendous need for your leadership and guidance to help others succeed.
At the core of it all is your intentional act of becoming a Rotarian and helping support The Rotary Foundation and asking others to join us.
As our year draws to a close, thank each other for the service and support  provided this past year, and review and renew your giving to The Rotary Foundation.  
Know that you have made a difference.
Jack Welge
DRF Chair 2022-25,
District Governor 2020-21
Rotary International District 5830/
South Central Americas’ Chair IFFR
P. O. Box 5906
Longview, Texas 75608-5906