President Elects are encouraged to honor their club’s work with a Rotary Presidental Citation. Further, President Elects are reminded to have their 5 member Membership Committee appointed and Membership goals entered into Rotary Club Central. Beginning 1 July, it will be easier than ever for Rotary clubs to set and report goals for the Rotary Citation.

In 2020-21, you’ll be able to go into Rotary Club Central and choose goals that are relevant to your club. You’ll need to achieve at least 13 goals out of 25 to receive the citation. While a few of the goals are data-generated, such as membership numbers and Rotary Foundation giving, most of them you can report by marking “Achieved” in Rotary Club Central.
The changes not only simplify the process of setting and reporting goals, but they also make long-term progress easier to track because the goals will stay the same from year to year. 

If you have any questions, write to

Yours in Rotary Service,

Lee Montgomery

District Governor 2016-2017

District Membership Chair 2018-2021