District 5830 is ramping up its efforts to conduct Rotary Visioning Events for every District Club within the next year. DG Mike Groom has made this one of his prime objectives. To date in 2021, four Visioning Events have been completed. To increase the pace, more trained Facilitators are needed. To help fulfill this need, a Zoom training session on Visioning Facilitation, led by the RI Zone 30/31 Visioning Coordinator, Glen Vanderford, has been scheduled for December 6, 2021.  All Assistant District Governors have been invited to participate in the session. An invitation has also been extended as a refresher program for those already trained as a District Visioning Facilitator.
Those who have participated in a Club Visioning Event are probably familiar with some of the Facilitator’s responsibilities. For those who are not familiar, the following summarizes their role:
  • A Club Visioning Event takes place in a venue arranged by the Club and based upon specifications provided by the District Club Visioning Chair. The Event is normally scheduled to take place in the evening or on a Saturday morning, and it typically requires about three and on-half hours to complete.
  • In scheduling a Visioning Event, the District Chair arranges for a Team of four trained Facilitators from outside the Club’s immediate District Area. A Team Leader is established and each team member is assigned a specific role. That role can vary from Event to Event, but it can be to provide the Visioning process overview, to help extract ideas from the participants for future club characteristics and activities, to summarize the ideas, or to oversee the prioritization effort and turn the ideas into the Club’s future vision.
  • The Facilitators follow a proven process to extract the participants’ ideas about their Club’s future. They are careful not to seed the Club with ideas, programs, or priorities: Those initiatives must come from the Club’s Visioning session participants.
  • Once the ideas have been prioritized, the Facilitators provide the participants with guidance on goal setting and the preparation of action plans to progress the Club from its “Vision” and “Strategies” to implementation over the next three years.
  • At that point, the role of the Facilitators is complete and the responsibility falls on Club leadership and its members to work towards those goals.
You do not have to be an Assistant District Governor if you would like to become a District Visioning Facilitator. To participate in the December 6 Facilitator Training, please contact either your Area’s ADG or the District’s Club Visioning Chair, Sam Scroggins, by email at scroggins789@gmail.com. There is no cost for participation in the December 6 Zoom training session.