Celebrate ROTARY on the 23rd—Rotary’s 116th Birthday!  A view from Zones 30 and 31: As you know, District 5830 is part of Zone 31. Our monthly membership report shows 71.43% of our clubs have a membership goal in MyRotary. Check your stats, and add your clubs membership goals. Goals can INSPIRE and FOCUS your activities. We started the Rotary year with 1,536 members and are now at 1,468, a 4.43% drop. We have a 33% female membership and almost a 9% “under 40” membership. Of note is the retention stat: we went from 92% to 88.7%. Now is a good time to review club ENGAGEMENT guidelines to make sure members feel connected, have service roles, and feel valued. Does EACH member have a significant role in the club?
The Zones 30-31 Innovative Club Advocate team is currently tracking 131 new clubs. 27 have started informational meetings, 15 have started organizational meetings, and 4 are ready to charter. 85 clubs are in the incubation/conceptual stage. New satellite clubs were formed in Districts 6170 and 6510.
Satellite clubs add members to your current club, but they can meet at different times (after hours?) and take on different service projects. Satellite clubs can start with a few members and achieve the “Satellite Club” label when they achieve 8 members minimum. They are a great way to GROW ROTARY—grow your membership! Provide service to your community and the world!