5830 Rotarians, we have just finished our Rotary 2021-2022 year! In Hollywood terms it’s almost a wrap! But how it turns out now is completely up to you and your superb generosity!!  As club members we are viewed on many levels: the involvement we have serving others in our communities, the nation, and the world; the legacy of service we leave to others; and the ability we have to communicate to others and act as agents of change carrying on our ideals through the Object of Rotary and our Core Values; and, The Rotary Foundation is our ever present partner helping fund the good we do.
District 5830 is a very impressive Team, and accomplishments are a result of Teamwork. 2021-2022 DRFC Chair, Ingrid Self,  PDG Ted Huffhines, and PDG Tom DeWitt with their Matching Points Campaign are lifting us to new heights again under the leadership of DG Mike Groom.
With the lag due to post COVID outsourcing, all donations made have not shown up in the below totals. Currently District 5830 totals are:
Per Capita:                        $      121.98
Annual Fund:                    $176,499.00                                                                                                                                      
PolioPlus:                         $  70,946.00                                                                                                                         
Endowment Fund:            $ 32,125.00
It’s been a challenging year as the first year out of COVID, but we’re just this close to tremendous success.
We know sizable contributions of Kilgore Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Longview, and Rotary Club of Cedar Creek Lake that are not yet reflected in the totals.
As we know more, we will share the good news. Join with us and celebrate!