The Clarksville Times published the winner of the 2019-2020 Club Project Grant.  
The members of the Clarksville Rotary Club contribute annually to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.   A portion of funds contributed by Rotary clubs are returned by The Rotary Foundation to the Rotary International District to which the local club is assigned.   Rotary Clubs are then entitled to apply for a matching club project grant from their District Grant Committee to assist with a local or international project.  The local club matches the amount of the grant requested in the application.  

For the 2019-2020 Rotary year, the Family Council of Clarksville Nursing Center will receive a Club Project Grant in the amount of $1,688.00 and has agreed to serve as the cooperating organization to work with the members of the Clarksville Rotary Club in a project, which will provide winter clothing and spring/summer clothing for the residents.  The members of the Family Council are very supportive throughout the year in assisting the nursing facility with many items to enhance the lives of the residents. 
Rotarians recently met with Family Council members at the nursing facility to present a grant check reimbursing The Family Council of Clarksville Nursing Center for the purchase of the winter clothing to be distributed to residents.   Shown in the photo from left to right are Dan Meehan, Rotary Club Past President, James Vaughan, Jr., Rotary Club Secretary-Treasurer, Roy Stringer, Family Council of CNC, Holly Cooper, Family Council of CNC, receiving a grant check from Bow Willis, Rotary Club President, Paul Hines, Rotary Club Foundation Chair, and Christie Ussery, Rotary Club member.